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The Practice of BE-ING Intuitive Trauma Healing



The Practice of BE-ING emerged from a culmination of life experiences that involved both my experiencing of and bearing witness to others’ multiple transitions, particularly, as I engaged in many years of “doing.” I have lived many colorful chapters and have worn various professional hats, as a criminologist, clinical social worker, researcher, administrator and professor, all of which contributed to the development of this work. Serving as important precursors, all of my former careers foreshadowed the need for balance in BE-ING, a state that found me after several formidable experiences where I found myself breathing from a physical, mental and spiritual space that no longer supported my health and well being. As such, something had to change in order for me to live from a more life-supporting place.


Inspired by my niece’s death in 1999, a major fork in the road of my life journey, I was changed forever by her transition process, which awakened me to listen to callings and signs that were appearing before me. Something more was being asked of my time on this planet, and this led me to study energy medicine, and then subsequently exposed me to Somatic Experiencing (SE), Horse Intelligence (HI) and Organic Intelligence (OI). More than a decade after her transition, I have transformed my life into a balance that is nourishing, creative, and aligned with my heart’s desire from the practice of BE-ING.

The Practice of BE-ING Intuitive Trauma Healing The Practice of BE-ING Intuitive Trauma Healing


Most clients who contact me have experienced any/all of the following.

The Practice of BE-ING Intuitive Trauma Healing
  • Healing from circumstances of trauma that are longstanding and complex

  • Longing for more joy, passion, purpose in life

  • Seeking to develop their intuitive abilities

  • Are living a stressful life that has resulted in compromised health and narrowing of choices.

  • Have tried “talk therapy” and are dissatisfied with its limitations

  • Find themselves “stuck” in some pattern of limiting thoughts, emotions and/or behavior.

  • Are navigating a major life transition, prompted by choice or circumstance (e.g. change of career, death of a loved one, a newly diagnosed health condition, just sober or substance free)

The Practice of BE-ING Intuitive Trauma Healing