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"Susan Crimmins, Ph.D. is one of those all-too-rare professionals with an ability to balance rigorous science with an intuitive open mind and a compassionate open heart. As a former professor of criminology and social work, she understands the challenges so many people face in leading balanced, fulfilling lives. Her work with horses combines in-depth knowledge of the latest research on trauma with experiential interventions that help people move through the somatic and psychological by-products of extreme experiences—and find a soulful connection to their own inner wisdom, passion and life’s purpose in the process. Susan’s innovative therapeutic practice deftly combines logic and feeling, nature and spirit, individuality and deep connection with others. Her work supports people in becoming whole, empowered, grounded yet free to explore the pleasures and mysteries of a life well lived. I’m honored to recommend her as an Eponaquest Instructor of the highest caliber and integrity, one who is already taking this work to new levels of innovation, relevance and clarity."

"Susan Crimmins' 3-day Epona workshop was a transformative experience, engaging the remarkable healing power of these miraculous beings we call horses. As a psychotherapist and professor of psychology, I am always on the lookout for creative new ways to assist clients in accessing their preferred experiences in life. Susan's collaborative workshop hit it out of the park!"


Linda Kohanov

Charley Lang, MFT

Author and founder of Eponaquest Worldwide

"I have worked with Dr. Susan Crimmins for several years and have always been drawn to her approach to healing. Participating in an equine session was an extremely rewarding experience. From the moment you come into contact with the horses your being is aware that deep healing is about to take place. Even now, months later, I am still moved by what was revealed to me that day."

E. Salazar, MSW

I approached Dr Crimmins because I needed help managing my stress and emotional outbursts. In all those years chasing my peace, I would occasionally hit a stalemate and just stop going. I needed something new. I had heard things about a new approach that wasn't just talk therapy, something different. Dr Crimmins has helped me with my original needs and more. Things that used to trigger overwhelming emotion now trigger an urge to take a deep breath. The progress I've made with Dr Crimmins is more profound and lasting than what I've experienced in the past. I would recommend Dr Crimmins to anybody, really. I don't see why somebody wouldn't want to find a better way to walk through life and Dr Crimmins has helped me do that.

Brandi Lozano

"Working with Susan and the horses has been profoundly transformative for me. I am learning about subconscious relational patterns that have held me back for decades. Sessions with Susan touch into deep places in the heart and soul I haven't been able to access in any other way, despite exposure to many non-traditional healing arts. Something about the horses ignites the psyche and gently guides it to a place of restoration and wholeness. Eponaquest gives me hope that new narratives of intimacy and healing are not only possible for me; they are already writing themselves."

Lisa P.