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Restoring one’s capacity to live from a place of authenticity, alignment and serenity are integral aspects of my intention in working with clients who have had life experiences that are considered to be disruptive, stressful, and/or traumatic. Quiet the MIND, relax the BODY and awaken the SPIRIT while trusting your inner wisdom. Individual sessions may involve and include the following:


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Organic Intelligence™ (OI) is a naturalistic, sensory awareness approach to healing. Based upon the work of over twenty years of observation and development by its founder, Steven Hoskinson, this three phase, gentle approach recognizes that people have an innate capacity to restore regulation after experiencing stressful life disruptions as they move toward healthy, non-addictive pleasure. OI restores a sense of vitality, relaxation and wholeness to individuals who have been touched by life altering experiences.



Horse Intelligence (HI) involves interactive groundwork sessions that allow the human and horse to experience connection in various ways, which are based upon Eponaquest principles of cooperation and collaboration. Because horses are masters at reflecting authenticity due to mirror neurons firing in their brains, they are able to get to the heart of the matter in a relatively efficient manner. A combination of mystery, alchemy, organic intelligence (OI), social and emotional intelligence and grounded practicality form the basis of all HI sessions. If ever I am confused about what is happening with a human, I simply ask a horse.


Organic Intelligence Sessions

Horse Intelligence Sessions


Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a body awareness approach to healing trauma. It is based upon over forty years of observation, research and development by its founder, Peter Levine, Ph.D., and recognizes that each individual has an innate capacity to overcome the effects of trauma. A typical session may involve some conversation, tracking of sensations and images, orientation to the here and now, gentle touch, and learning how to self-regulate one's central nervous system. SE restores a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness to individuals who have been plagued by traumatic experiences.

Somatic Experiencing Sessions

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