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As a consultant, I work with individuals (both human and animal), families, groups and organizations in promoting peaceful interactions, which are rooted in authentic communication and a systemic approach. People and animals interact within systems where they are influenced and, therefore, also are capable of influencing.


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Interspecies Communication Consulting facilitates conversations between animals and humans so that they may cohabit more peacefully and move forward in their relationships with clarity and cooperation.


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Intuitive Mentoring guides people in connecting with their intuition to address transitions in career, health, and personal development. Clearing of old patterns, setting intentions, and active manifestation of visions are all incorporated while in the midst of transitioning into a more authentic, aligned way of

BE-ING in the world.

Interspecies Communication Consulting

Intuitive Mentor Consulting


Sacred Callings emanating from the soul, shepherds people in quieting the mind, listening, clarifying, differentiating, aligning with and following callings that are unique reflections of one's purpose and passion in carrying out life rhythms.

Sacred Callings Consulting

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