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My Old Friend, Grief

By Susan Crimmins, Jun 13 2015 05:30PM

My old friend, Grief, has come to visit again. We first met when I was 10 years old, as Grief boldly arrived unannounced and uninvited. Ever since then I have had a hard time with this drop in visitor. Not one to be deterred, Grief showed up again four years later in a similar fashion and stayed way too long!

Whenever Grief arrived, life, as I knew it, would change forever. I could not understand how to rid myself of this unwelcomed houseguest, so I first tried to hide and then to pretend that Grief was not there. Needless to say, these approaches did not work, and, instead, only extended an invitation for Grief to stay indefinitely.

I remember clearly in 1999, that my relationship with Grief took a turn for the better. After another intrusive arrival, I just began to sit with Grief when I realized that Love had invited it. Whenever I loved, which I did deeply, Grief, would arrive when I perceived a loss. I say perceived, because I have come to understand that the only thing ever lost is form, not Essence. That which has come to be known as death in many cultures, is only a dropping of dense form, so that Essence can be freed to move at warp speed in multiple dimensions. Contact with the one whom I perceived that I lost, is not only possible, but also greatly welcomed! Only form changes, never Essence or Love.

So, hello again Grief. This time I will make some tea while we visit again. You are merely the greatly misunderstood shadow side of Love in this human form, and as long as my heart is able to Love, I imagine we will continue to hang out together at times. Now I can be grateful that we are friends, because your presence is a measure of how deeply I love...blessed be.

My Old Friend, Grief
My Old Friend, Grief
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